Lifelong health
and vitality
for your dog.

Rapid Results.
Long-term Benefits

In clinical trials, NEM® was shown to be effective in as little as 7-10 days. Plus…it provides the essential building blocks needed for the continuos lifelong process of building and rebuilding healthy bone, cartilage and connective tissue.

Crafted by Mother Nature

NEM® is derived from eggs, MicrominzymeTM is an organic blend chelated trace minerals and BCM-95® and BosPure® are both natural and botanical extracts.


NEM® received the Frost and Sullivan 2011 North American Dietary Supplements for Joint Health New Product Innovation of the Year Award.
I have a 7-year-old chocolate lab, Molly, with hip problems. After some running in the field she would start limping, and she would have trouble walking up stairs and climbing on the couch. Recovery from a day of activity would take several days. But after starting her on Wag Lifetime Joint Care, Molly is full of energy and always ready to go!
– Jeff
Brandy’s an old girl, but she’s still happy. She’s a cocker mix – somewhere over 16 years. She was having real trouble getting up after her naps. After a month of using Wag Lifetime Joint Care I’ve noticed a difference – she’s getting up a lot easier! I’m so glad we found your product! She really likes the tabs too – no problem getting her to eat them (she thinks they’re a treat).
– Kris